unit 10 help

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i am doing unit 10 from case study but i dont hav any idea whwere to strt from i mean wt we have to do ......is anyone doing from case study can help me



  • A-Vic
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    If you look on e-learning it will give you a step by step of whats needed ect
  • elging
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    Unit 10

    I'm still working on mine and it's doing my head in - I just wish it was over, its the last unit left.

    The unit 10 guidelines on this site are really good. Once you've got the mapping doc you can see what you need to cover and the order of the paragraph referencing is on the AAT guidelines. You've got to number every paragraph. Just type away and email to a tutor and they will come back and put you on the right track.

    Don't look at the BPP unit 10 model answer in the back of the book as it's in the wrong format.

    The report has to be under 4000 words, but you can put as much as you like in the appendices.
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    im doing mine by simulation too. im not sure if what i have is in the right order but im up to 1898 words so far.im going with it and im going to get my tutor to help put i in the right order and tell me where i need more content.

    its much better doing it this way i think

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