What are skills tests like?

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Hi everyone,

I'm interested in starting the aat diploma pathway and am wondering if anyone could tell me what the skills tests is like, how they differ from regular tests, and is it true that you can only complete skills tests at work or at home with someone supervising? Can you not complete them at testing centres?




  • lisnic
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    hi they are pretty much like exams tbh! i do diploma pathway and have done both unit 31 and 15 at the exam centre that i sit my written exams at. i study distance learning with bpp and sat mine at A+ training in plymouth - did take a bit of organising as bpp started off saying i couldnt do this i had to go to one of their centres but A+ signed the supervisor form same as a friend/boss would so worked out fine. i preferred this option as didnt want to do do it at work or at home i prefer the conditions in an exam as makes me focus more

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