Study Tips PEV/PCR

Bryony Registered Posts: 15 New contributor 🐸
Hello all

I am just about to start revising for the two exams and am feeling a bit worried about it all.

Do you think that it would be enough to spend my time going through all the past exam papers ? Would some of the papers be a bit outdated?
Will this be sufficient preparation for the exams?
I am really not great at memorising stuff for the written part of the exam...calculations etc are generally fine...

Any tips would be sooo appreciated
Thanks so much

Happy studies :-)


  • elging
    elging Registered Posts: 17 New contributor 🐸
    Pev pcr

    Hi, I think where PEV and PCR are concerned past exam papers are the way to go. Just do as many as you can and copy the answer lay outs as that's what they are looking for. On these papers the formats don't change too much.
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