PCR Exam Dec-09

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Please can someone give me tips on how to stdya and apply section one of the pcr exam


  • lizrochford
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    Section 1 is about applying budgets practising past papers is the best way to get ready for exam however don't rely on the format too much as the current examiner keeps changing it and it threw me in June and I failed on Section 1.
  • SandyHood
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    Make sure you read the standards.
    Then try and practice using a variety of questions. June 09 and Dec 08 are useful as recent AAT exams, but go to the local library and look for planning budget questions. (As the standards show, there won't be cash budget questions.)
    The more questions you attempt, and the more variety the more flexible you are likely be in time for the exam

    Focused revision days should help if you are able to attend. I will certainly develop questions along the lines of the ones in Dec 08 and June 09.
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