How much do you cover in a study session? DFS and BTC

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Just wondering how much/what you cover in a study session?

BPP have the units split down into study sessions and for longer in depth chapters sometimes these are over 2 study sessions. They say they are around 3hrs each. I find some take me less some more

yesterday and the day before i devoted both days to BTC and have covered 3 chapters and 50 pages which i think is about right for me - i couldnt have done anymore

Next week im only at work 1 day out of 5 (gardners leave!) so trying to judge what realistically i should be aiming at to get done.

I have 6 chapters of DFS and the rest of BTC (hoping to be at end of chapter 5 or 6 by end of weekend) also to do and then im onto exam revision


  • Sally
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    Dont know about BTC but we have 2 more taught sessions in DFS before mock exam (roughly 3 hours each). These will be devoted to section 2 of the exam - ratios and report writing.

    We have covered the rest in lessons (consolidations and cashflows) but are going over the IAS's etc ourselves at home.
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