I'm well annoyed now.

Raging Pineapples
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Here's the thing:

I have a very mild form of this thing called dyscalculia, which is a dysfunction similar to dyslexia but also quite different.

Now when I was originally assessed, the psychologist at my then-college sent a copy of the report (with my permission) to my employer.

Some years later, and my employer has suddenly felt the need to start telling people in the office about it.

So as you can appreciate, I'm extremely offended, because not only is it a huge breach of trust, it's highly unprofessional on his part, and casts unfounded doubts on my own professional capacity.

To illustrate: He's been telling people that I have 'number dyslexia', which conjures up an image of someone who reads 6's and sees 9's, or reads 1,000 and sees 10,000. Now that's simply not the case, that's ACTUAL dyslexia.

What *I* have (which is in the report so he knows this) only affects mental arithmetic. As a result, even though I was diagnosed at the start of Foundation, I was never granted any extra time or special concessions throughout the entire AAT accounting qualification. So long as I have somewhere to write the numbers I'm working with, I'm as capable as anyone else.

I mean for pity's sake, I wrote an online article in 2007 about the maths behind cubic bézier curves which has stayed in the top 10 for the last 2 years!

So yeah, I'm deeply offended, so I'm gonna have some comfort chocolate, then I'm gonna print this article off and ram it down his gullet :)

Here is that article, if you fancy a laugh...


  • Cullen
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    If he has breached your right to sensitive personal data being kept confidentially, you may wish to instigate a grievance.

    You could do this informally, or formally if you prefer. You might want to let him (or her) know how it has made you feel having to explain exactly what dyscalculia is to your work colleagues and lay it on as thick as you like.

    Years ago, after I had been out sick on post operative recovery, a personnel officer rang my work colleague and asked him to pass a message to me regarding sick pay and went on to discuss my illness, my pay rate, my sick pay rate etc etc. I rang the Personnel Manager and complained, loudly and bitterly. I understand the personnel officer was disciplined and given a final written warning. Should have been sacked, if you ask me. Disgraceful carry on.

    (No wonder you are "Raging"....)
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