brain-dead moment

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Hey peps,

im havin a bit of a brain dead moment. Ive been given some homework on forecastin and i have to do a forecast for a retail organisation an im totally lost on where to start, please help.....

thanx a million!


  • SandyHood
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    Think of a retail organisation (or a few)
    How do you think Tesco decide on the amount of space to allocate to lettuces tomatoes etc?
    That space varies, but why do you think it might be more one day and less the next?

    What about Pumpkins, how much space will be used on Monday compared to last Friday?

    This is retail forecasting, afterall without a forecast of what they'll sell how will they know what to buy-in and where to put it so customers can buy it.

    What about Next?
    What has determined what they have in stores?
    Local conditions?? Has a big local employer made a lot of local people redundandant?
    The level of business in each store, especially this time last year?
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