dfs - how much did you cover before you went back through material before moving on?

lisnic Registered Posts: 141 Dedicated contributor 🦉
i am aiming to complete non-current assets today/tomorrow am if it gets too much as bpp have indicated about 6hrs for this section

When did you go back through everything you have covered before before moving on further? im thinking just now that after this section im going to go back to the beginning and go through my notes summarising them and do possibly a day of practice/examples before moving on to the inventories section?

i have only 1 day at work this week (joys of gardners leave!) so am thinking may spend a day going back through things as otherwise i think there is a lot to get me bogged down in at the end?

anyone else done/do this for dfs? when did you stop? was it worth it?

i am covering btc too so want half my week to go to that and half to dfs - however dfs seems the more in depth and less broken down unit with more to grasp so may do 3 days to 2 days and then 1 day each at weekend
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