Cost benefit analysis - Printing cheques/BACs

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Hi all,

I have been doing my Unit 10 report and I have got to the cost benfit analysis part and I cannot find prices anywhere for pre-printed cheques and BACs payments.

If anyone could give me some info on the price of pre-printed cheques and the price of sending payments by BACs I would be really gratefull!

Thanks you!


  • swampy1901
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    Just looked this up at work -

    Pre printed cheques £222 + vat for 1000 Cheques
    and each BACS run costs £3.00 plus 20p for BACS Payments/Collections (up to 10000 per annum) or 12p for BACS Payments/Collections (over 10000 per annum)

    Hope that helps

  • hixie
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    Brill thank you so much, this has really helped!
  • *Jo
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    Hi, don't forget to include any charges the bank makes for cashing cheques and the costs of staff time spent in doing both.
  • hixie
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    Hi Jo

    What would the bank charge on average for cashing cheques?

    Its a long time since I dealt with these things in a work place and I'm doing the case study so there is limited information.


  • swampy1901
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    Will have look for you at work tomorrow

  • AK002
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    I've just picked this up off a clients bank account lol

    The RBS charge:

    £0.45 per standing order
    £0.59 for cheques and other debits (payments)
    £0.61 for manual credits
    £0.28 for cheques paid in @ branches
    £0.55 per £100 for Fast Cash
    and £1.50 per £100 for cash exchanged at branches.

    Hope this helps..
  • anniem
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    Don't forget the price of stamps versus email statements/remittance advice!

    I'm investigating this at work at the moment.

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