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Hi all

Hope you're all doing well and studying hard for the December exams like me (aaaggghhhh!!!!)

I am sitting all exams for Technician on my own without a centre - just buying the books, learning it and then doing past papers.

For Unit 10 I understand that I need to be registered with a centre so it can be assessed. Does anybody recommend any home learning colleges that have really helped and guided them when completing this unit.

I have complete my Intermediate with Premier Training, and would use them again, but I was just wondering if anybody knows of any other bodies that may offer something slightly better?

Thanks in advance

Saleena xx


  • SandyHood
    SandyHood Registered, Moderator Posts: 2,034
    I recommend that you consider Eagle Education and Training Ltd
    [email protected]
  • Ed1
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    As Sandy has said, Eagle are definitely worth considering. I speak from personal experience and I think highly of them.

    I believe you can purchase individual Units - just email them on:

    [email protected]
  • Ampsie
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    Hi Saleena,

    I am currently doing diploma level with Eagle, i also did Intermediate with them.
    The tutors are great, very helpful and patient!

    I would highly recommend them

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