I got a phone call yesterday and....

katsutlieff Registered Posts: 459 Dedicated contributor 🦉
it seems I am no longer required at work :(

The job wasn't anything major I was just doing the bookkeeping and general admin for a local charity. It was only one/two days a month, but it was good experience. Apparently as a 'growing' charity they have decided they need someone with more charity experience. Completely understand from their point of view, but still feels s**t.


  • Pigpen
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    oh thats horrible for you - I can totally sympathise - Its not about your ability but it kinda feels like it doesn't it - keep smiling
  • jewels.p
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    Take a positive from this negative! You are going to have lots more study time to catch up and the sooner you get your AAT the sooner you get a better job where you will be appreciated!
  • A-Vic
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    How horried couldnt they keep you on as a favour to you to shadow the new person?
  • taskey
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    that's harsh, as you said it was good experience.

    can you volunteer for anything else? i am sure there are loads of groups out there who would love to have someone experienced in accounts. i volunteer for my daughters scout group and they appreciate the fact that someone in the know can do the accounts.

    fingers crossed something turns up - till then, as said before by jewels, use the time to study

  • blobbyh
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    That move to Crawley beckons Katherine and should I see you at Tilgate as the "bird lady", I'll... well, avoid you probably! ;-)
  • katsutlieff
    katsutlieff Registered Posts: 459 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    Thanks all. I think they just got a little unnerved with my lack of experience and qualifications. Jewels there is a positive in now I will have two full days of study a month instead of trying to squeze everything in around the kids.

    Tracey I have already been asked to look after the PTA's accounts, they have just registered as a charity so I will have all the fun of sorting out Gift Aid and applying for funding.

    ...and blobbyh things are never bad enough to give up my prime position in Horsham Park sixteen years of hard work there...
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