aat revision days - hotel/accommodation special rates?

lisnic Registered Posts: 141 Dedicated contributor 🦉
ive been looking into the dfs bristol revision day on 21st following another post earlier

does anyone know if any accommodation nearby to the locations offer special rates? with registration of the course starting at 9am i dont fancy the length my day would be leaving from plymouth and driving home after - also at 19weeks pregnant!

am thinking of accommodation for the friday night



  • A-Vic
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    why not ring the hotel where it is and tell them you are a student attending the day and see if they will offer a discount?
  • lisnic
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    its in a college in bristol - there are 3 hotels nearby from what i can see travelodge which has no availability according to website, marriot (very plush 100 a night though!) and an ibis but even that is 60. i may ring the college and see what they say
  • Claire321
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    Hotels in the centre of Bristol tend to be quite expensive. Ibis, Premier Inn, Travelodge & Holiday Inn Express all tend to be around £50-£60+ a night :thumbdown:
  • Lyn32
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    Revision Day!

    Hi All

    Did anyone know about revision classes near Reading area I would like to attend though but because I have little ones I can't go that far.

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