Exams without training center?

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I am currently doing the foundation course with premier training and am wondering whether it is possible to save some money when I do the intermediate level by just buying the textbooks and booking my exams. Does anyone know whether I can do that or do I have to sign up with a college?


  • NeilH
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    You could certainly do the above for the exam only units - Its what I did for tTechnician. However, for the skills test units you will need to register with a centre. BPP, Kaplan and Premier all offer courses on a unit by unit basis (and there are probably others that do too) so you could do the skills test units with these providers as and when you need to.

  • ThomasD
    ThomasD Registered Posts: 19 Dedicated contributor ? ? ?
    Thanks Neil. That makes sense. I think I'll do that since I find working alone from the Osborne textbooks is best for me.
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