Business Tax

julieju Registered Posts: 1 New contributor 🐸

I failed Bus Tax last June ( due to suffering with terrible moring sickness!!) and am now due to sit in Dec 09 and wondered if there had been any major changes that anyone new about.... any help will be greatly appreciated




  • lisnic
    lisnic Registered Posts: 141 🎆 🐘 🎆
    there are a few changes the main change is the way capital allowances are calculated. if you log into myaat and do a search on changes there is a document there. i have just printed it off havent actually looked at it yet though! this is my first sit
  • melanie2008
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    if you sat it btc june 2009 the dec 2009 will be the same finance act so there should be no changes introduced. I will be resitting in dec as well
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