Changes Since June - BTC and DFS

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I'm resitting DFS and BTC in December, I'm currently revising what was taught for the June exams, is there anything I need to bear in mind with regards to changes in rates, rules or similar ?

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  • Steve Collings
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    With DFS, be prepared for IAS 1 terminology changes:

    Balance sheet = statement of financial position
    Income statement = statement of comprehensive income
    Cash flow statement = statement of cash flows
    Minority interests = non controlling interests.

    I have been running revision courses throughout the year where I have flagged these changes up and it seems some tuition providers are saying it is not "that much of a change" and students can still refer to the old terminology. The examiner has explicitly said these changes are examinable from Dec 09 sittings going forward, so ignore the examiner at your peril (that advice is to tutors also) who depend on pass rates!

    BTC should still be Finance Act 2008.

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