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I am based in Northern Ireland and have been trying to register with a distance learning course provider for a while now but it seems that all do not offer the facility to take exams in Northern Ireland, i would have to travel to Scotland which is the nearest exam centre.

Can anybody who has been in this position provide any advice or comments?




  • coojee
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    Hi Nigel

    Try contacting the AAT to get a list of the current centres that accept external candidates. You don't need to sit the exam at one of the colleges centres, eg if you are with someone like BPP you don't have to sit the exam at a BPP centre, you can sit the exam anywhere where they accept external candidates. The centres can change at every sitting so those that are offering it now may not be in the future but it's a start. I'm sure we have students from NI at our centre who are able to find an exam venue without having to go to Scotland.

    I hope you can get something sorted out.

  • nimac
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    thanks coojee

    the only exam centre in NI is in Belfast but they wont let me take exams there without signing up with them to do the AAT course however it is over 100 miles from where i live so going there twice a week to study is out of the question.

    do you know where the ni students you are aware of sit their exams?

  • marshall
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    I am studying accounting (not with AAT) and am
    looking at what to do after I qualify as an
    accountant. There is a website www.cipfa.org.uk
    that has a section on Northern Ireland, whether or
    not it caters for distance learning I'm not sure. It's
    the only one I've seen (Re: NI) so I thought I'd
    thread it. Also, see what AAT's saying, is always
    a good start.
  • nimac
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    Thanks Marshall

    I will contact them.

  • SuzieB
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    I know this is quite an old thread, but I have been wondering about this issue myself, and have found information on the CIPFA website(http://www.cipfa.org.uk/ni/pd_aat.cfm):

    "AAT distance learning students may sit their Computer Based Assesments (CBA) at the CIPFA Northern Ireland centre, at a fee of £120 per CBA."
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