have booked dfs revision course - what sort is likely to be covered?

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i am booked onto the dfs revision course in bristol on 21st what sort of thing i slikely to be covered?

how ready for exam should you be beforehand?

long day for pregnant me!!! 630am train arriving at temple meads 824am leaving at 1844pm getting home 2048pm!! eek


  • A-Vic
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    I cant say about the AAT revision course but have just done one with Steve Collings and was really good brushed up on what we should know and answered a lot of what i didnt know also what you should do between now and your exams.
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    I'm still trying to decide whether to sign up for this myself, if there are any places left! I'm just worried that I may not have reached the end of the book by then, although I know I really need to!
  • lisnic
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    i havent finished the book yet either dont worry! im bpp distance learning and just finished the inventories chapter!

    yesterday pm there were 4 places left after i booked mine

    i have all this week and all of next (no weekend as going away) so am hoping to have finished it all - its getting the balance of this and my btc which i also havent finished!

    today is a btc day as lots of very short chapters as yesterday was purely dfs (chap 6 revision for the umpteenth time and chap 7) chapter 6 really slowed me down

    im not panicking (YET!)

    i booked it as thought it would really focus me and help me see what they wanted/how to interpret things a bit better as this is really only unit i have found a bit of a struggle
  • Sparkly
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    Snap! I agree with a lot of what you've said.
    I'm also distance learning with BPP. I'm just about to start the inventories chapter, don't feel so bad now after reading your post! I too thought if I booked it would give me something to focus on. I work full time though and have been struggling to find time to fit everything in. I took the passcards to bed to read over last night! All other reading is banned until after the exam! I'm only doing the one exam, thinking of trying to do two in June, have never been brave enough so far!
    I agree on chapter 6, I seem to have been looking at if for ages and getting nowhere fast! It's just so full of things to remember!!
  • lisnic
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    that is what i found with chapter 6 it was pretty much 100% theory but you have to apply it without seeing it applied! i dont think it was really explained that great not a huge amount of examples.

    i have revised the beginning of the unit again however as i needed to get away from the non current assets chapter (still dont really think its there!)

    the invetories chapter is a breath of fresh air compared to the non current assets chapter

    im full time also but had all last week gardners leave except one day so i got a lot done last week and this week im just on call same as next week so hoping to get quite a bit covered

    ive always done 2 exams - in june i did fra and ecr this sit im doing dfs and btc so in june i will hopefully just have mac to do and inbetween audit, prof ethnics and unit 10

    i dont like those passcards except for the last week really but am going to write a couple of pages up with standards numbers and names and key definitions within each and get husband to test me from now until the exam!
  • Sparkly
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    I don't gernerally use the passcards much, I tend to make my own little cards as I'm doing my revision - it was just smaller than taking the book to bed!
    This is my first exam at this level then I still have to do mac and the two tax exams, not to mention the project and the skills tests that I still haven't done! However hard I try to plan to schedule it in I always seem to end up rushing at the last minute! Mind you, if I sign up for the revision course and get to the end of the book before then I'll be well ahead of where I normally am at that time before an exam!
  • lisnic
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    at this level (i take it your doing diploma pathway if bpp?)

    it is dfs (exam)
    unit 10 (project)
    mac (exam)
    prof ethnics (skills) may have completed at intermediate

    and then 2 of

    btc (exam)
    ptc (exam)
    audit (skills)

    i not doing ptc i picked audit and business tax

    that is what i thought about the revision course if im finished by the revision course i will know my weak spots and from revision the vital vital things and it is just a case of revision solid for another week
  • Sparkly
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    Right, I'm booked and coming too! That's an incentive for me to really pull my finger out over the next two weeks! Will be arriving at the train station at 8.34am, hopefully it's not too far from there!
    Yep, I'm on diploma pathway too.
  • lisnic
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    2 miles according to aa route planner im going to get a taxi
  • DaveIOW
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    Yeah best get a taxi if you dont know Bristol, as the college is on the other side of town from Temple Meads. See you all there
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