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Hi there,
I have been asked by a friend who is filing her self assessment form for some help. She is a mobile hairdresser and i have never completed one for that area of work and it is her first self assessment form. She has asked me to help her with what expenses are allowable. So far i have thought of the following; equipment such as scissors,hairdryers,brushes,razors, etc,telephone, advertising, mileage (40p per mile to/from clients???),laundry costs say £5 a week,clothing seems to be a difficult area but would the cost of protective gloves,aprons,shoes be allowed?? She has bought a computer to use for business and private use is any of the cost of buying it allowable as she wants to put that in, but im not too sure she should. Also she wants to add the expense of a hairdressing colouring course she did,is this allowable? I would use the theory its keeping her skills upto date, but wasn't 100% sure. Any help would be appreciated and if anyone can think of anything else else she can claim for. Many thanks.


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    Hairdresser accounts

    Hi Abby

    The expenses I would expect are:
    stock items ie perm solution, papers, shampoo, conditioner, colours, foils etc

    equipment: scissors, hair dryer, curlers/rollers, razors, brushes/combs etc

    clothing: protective clothing only, so coverall/apron, gloves but not shoes

    laundry: unless actually using a laundrette with receipts put in an estimate

    Vehicle: using mileage is the easiest way but usually keeping actual receipts will give a
    higher figure. Mileage log needs to be kept for both ways.

    Advertising: Fine

    Telephone: Need to proportion business to personal use. Some clients have two mobiles where one is exclusively for business.

    Use of home: This may be minimal but a small deduction will be allowable for time spent
    writing up records etc

    Postage and stationery:There may be some expenditure here.

    Colour course: I would probably include it.

    Computer: I would claim capital allowances, restricted to business use.

    There may be others but I can't think.

  • abbyessex
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    Thanks Anne for taking the time to reply, much appreciated will use the info you have given,cheers.
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