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Hi All,

We have been given some formulas in our class that we need to learn for the dec exams - PEV & PCR. There is 2 ways of setting the formula out and we were told to not learn the one in the book as they were too complex, is there an easy way of remembering the variance formulas to help me get through?? I am struggling to remember them, which is having a knock on effect with my past exam paper revision!

Its the ones that have 4 parts to them (forgive me for the terrible memeory if not correct)

something like:

SP x AQ - AP X SP (I know this is incorrect) there are obviously 4 formulas for the labour, materials, fixed o/h etc but does anyone have any tips for remembering them?? SQ is always the one that I fall back on when i do have it written down.


  • lessci
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    I found that rather than learning the formulas parrot fashoin, that breaking them down into what they actually meant helped me remember them.


    What should have cost-What actually cost
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    colour coding helps me. Writting down all the 'actuals' in red and 'standards' in blue reallt helped me remember them
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    I find setting my formulas out as below has helped and i passed s1 June using this method:

    Standard cost of Actual Production
    Actual cost of production.

    I havent used the formula in the book as your tutor suggested as I find above shows what i am comparing more clearly

    Still shows the same level of competancy it just means i understand what i am doing
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