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Is anyone going to answer that revise question on dec 06 past exam paper? how do they get period1 8200 and period p2 12400 still waiting for a reply


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    hi, do you mean the answer to task 2.1b, if so I have just done that and I have struggled for ages I managed to work the answer back so period 1 you know gross production is 60,000 units, that includes your 3% faulty production so 60,000*97% gives you your planned production which is 58200, theres no opening finished stock for period 1, so the difference between 58200 and your original sales figure of 50000 is your closing finished stock figure of 8200, this then becomes period 2's opening finished stock figure and i worked back again for each period.
    1 2
    sales 50000 54000
    closing stock 8200 12400
    opening finished stock 0 (8200)
    planned production 58200 58200
    faulty 1800 1800
    gross production 60000 60000

    Im sure theres a much simpler way but its the only way i could work it out
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    Thank you very much for the answer Tammygaines.
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