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I was just wondering when do I apply for ACCA membership? iv got my last 2 papers of AAT..please could somebody let me know :) thanks


  • messedup89
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    you could do it now. I have 1 paper left in dec and a sim in Jan, i registered with ACCA in sept to beat the rush :)
  • stevef
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    For student membership: you have to register as an ACCA student at least six months before taking your first exam. But as there is a time limit on how long you take over passing all the exams, I would leave it as late as possible, as once you register the clock starts ticking.

    For full membership: once you have completed the ACCA professional exams, ACCA will invite you to apply for full membership. However, you have to satisfy the practical experience requirements and get a recommendation for membership from a CCAB qualified accountant (who knows you) before you can accept that invitation.
  • lork
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    Membership runs from 1st January rather than from the date you register (like the AAT), so if you register now, you'll have to renew your subscription in January. I'd wait until the new year.
  • Bluewednesday
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    I am not aware of having to be registered for 6 months before an exam, I certainly didn't. Registered in August exam in December but I would recommend joining as soon as possible after January to get your money's worth as long as you are sure you are going to take an exam this year.

    You get 10 years to complete all the exams and if there is a syllabus change your 10 years start again so this is not really a worry either.
  • Rozzi Rainbow
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    My understanding is that you have to register by 31st December to take exams at the June sitting (and by 31st August for the December exams). Which is sneaky coz as lork has already mentioned you'll then need to pay again to renew your membership from 1st January. So effectively you're paying for nothing between now and 31st December!! But as has already been said in other threads - if you want to join their club you have to play by their rules!!
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