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Could someone please outline which units in the intermediate stage are skills tests and which are normal written exams? Also, which units in total are necessary for the intermediate qualification? i.e. what are the unit numbers?

For the skills tests, where can I get them done in London?

I can't find this information anywhere. I've been looking on the AAT site and can't see any detailed information about the units in any of the stages.

Thanks in advance.


  • messedup89
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    Units 5 & 6 are both written exams and simulations. Unit 7 is a skills test.
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    If you have already joined to do the foundation, go to the MyAAT part of the site where you can enter your membership details and download the whole of the Intermediate student Record.
    If you have not, you need to be aware that should your existing qualifications enable you to start at Intermediate level you will still have to successfully complete the Health and Safety and Working with Computers units that your classmates took as part of their foundation course.
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