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Hi guys,

I am thinking of setting up my own practice, for those guys already in the business, what was your experience for the first year. What are the secrets of getting clients?
I am now MAAT, working as Project Accountant, but I want to be independant.

Your advise is much appreciated.




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    The early times can be slow.

    In the ideal situation you could start off part time but be free to take phone calls all of the time.

    Ultimately getting clients is down to you. The service you offer, its value for money, its quality and accuracy and customer service. If you can get these right then any clients you gain should recommend you and then more clients come and so on.

    Gaining the first few is the hard bit. Try cheap / free places of advertising at first. Parish magazines, local trade booklets and tell everyone you know and meet.

    For me the current times have worked well. I have gained more clients since going full-time in June than I did in the previous 2 years.

    Don't forget that how you start off will reflect how you go on. Don't undervalue yourself just to be cheap and gain clients. You will find that the clients you gain won't be great. They may just move again when someone else comes along cheaper again.
    By all means be cheaper than some others but set yourself a target market and stick to it.

    Best of luck with everything.

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    Thanks for sharing your experience and advise, I really appreciate it.

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