Excel formula help please

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Just cannot remember the formula, a sign of age i guess.

I want to put a date into cell A1

and in A2 I want a formula to add on a date 6 months and 10 days after the date in A1




  • burg
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    I'm sure there are a few ways but I use


  • oakley
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    format cells A1 and A2 to date
    Enter date eg 01/01/2009 in cell A1
    enter +A1+190 in cell A2
    answer = 10/07/2009
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    If you expand on Burg's formula by having separate input boxes for 'Month' and 'Day', you can quickly find the date of anything you want by entering months, days or a combination of both.

    Target cell formula "=DATE(YEAR(A3),MONTH(A3)+B7,DAY(A3)+D7)"

    A3 - the start date
    B7 - the number of months
    D7 - the number of days
  • Poodle
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    Thanks as always
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