Hello everyone ! Missed you lot !

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How you lot doing ?

What a month ive had. Firstly, really happy...ive started my new job as a billing clerk..finally. Went to a finance conference on my second day !! and then took part in my first audio conference on my 3rd day !! SCARY !! ....

Now for the bad news....

Late October, lost my blackberry on the way home from a club (in the cab). Replacement sim lost in post so had to wait nearly 2 weeks. Luckily enough my upgrade is on the 30th... and then if things couldnt get any worse....

I crashed my SLK early November and found out this week that its written off !!!!!!!!! B***ocks !! Now im trying to get my number plate off the car before its scrapped....Unbelievable....

Trying to get some studying done in the mean time....While all this was going on i forgot to book up for the December exam so CBE i think ....

Hope everyone else has had better luck than me....No need to gloat about it though.... LOL


  • jilt
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    Ah so sorry to hear about all your bad luck Steve. Good news on the job front though, well done.

    I'm trying to find some time to revise, less than 2 weeks to go to DFS, very scary!!

    Nice to have you back.
  • A-Vic
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    welcome back steve :)
  • CJC
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    And there's me getting stressed this evening because I had a saucepan full of chutney and a killner jar that wouldn't close properly.
  • blobbyh
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    Doesn't take much to write off an SLK. I reversed into one a couple of years ago and destroyed the headlight and surrounding front wing and bonnet. All that my Laguna got in return was a small bump and flaked paintwork.

    Excellent update on the job front though!
  • Diannew
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    Nice to see you back...glad the job is going ok.....

    As for all the bad luck.........life has a habit of throwing these things at us...just think of the nice things going on in your life.............keep smiling X
  • Andypandy
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    Nice to have you back Steve!
  • mark130273
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    welcome back to the madhouse !
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