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Hi, I've got a health and safety exam paper and I need to answer them until Monday. Can somebody help me?

Task1 is about HS documents, information and equipments.

Task2 : At the start of the health and safety presentationm, you are asked by the presenter if you know what an employee's responsibilities ar as regards health and safety at work.
What would be your answer to this question?

Task 3 : In your first days in the accounts office you have noticed the following:

1-One of your colleagues has a habit of leaving her filing cabinet brawer open which is at about knee height.

2-Today when you went to do photocopier you found a document marked "highly confidental" which had been left in the copier.

3-You have been given instruction to shared various documents after use, in all of the time you have been in the office, the sharedder has been marked "out of order"

4-Your computer has been set up so that there is a trailing wire across a walkway from the printer. This could be tucked away under the carpet.

5-On the way to the canteen today you have noticed that the fire door is propped open.

How you would deal with each of these situations and why?


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