Draft Accounts

Hi guys,

Im doing some draft accounts fro my current Employer.The Last years have been handed over from a non finance guy.

Its bee a little while since i looked at an Extended TB, but i'm pretty sure its not std practice to lump the Creditors and and accruals together and Debtors with Accrued income?

Making it quiet hard to work out what on the TB was the Debotors and what was actually accrued income.

am i just over complicating this or could it have been done better in the past?

Many thanks

Martin aka slack


  • groundy
    groundy Registered Posts: 495
    This is perfectly normal, however who ever produced last years needs to provide you with a breakdown of all balance sheet items.
  • slackda
    slackda Registered Posts: 460
    yeah i would expect it to be lumped together on the Balance Sheet, what i wasn't expecting was it to be lumped together on the TB, ther problem comes as this is all done on Excel with very little "sub ledger" activity and the journals listing account names don;t tie up with the TB account names....oh the joy :d

    Ty for the response.
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