Looking for advice on offering my services as a bookkeeper

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I am Philip Goldberg and live in Newbury, back in August 2009 I passed NVQ Level 3 AAT Accounting and want to know if anyone can give me some information about providing a bookkeeping service in and around Berkshire.

I am familiar with most aspects of accounting and wouldn't attempt to complete work I wasn't confident in.

Please can someone give me guidance.

Thank you


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    If you have membership with the AAT then to perform these services you will need to obtain a licence to practice with the AAT.

    You will then also require

    Professional cover
    Professional Indemnity Insurance

    You then need to promote your business and the services which you can offer.

    From experience I would steer clear of Yell etc and focus more on telling people of the services you offer, advertising in small local trade/business newsletters, parish magazines, shop windows, trade centres (Plumbing, building, etc).

    It's also a question of having a target market. Maybe have a profile of your ideal and nightmare client. Aim for your ideal and stick well clear of the nightmare. Do the same with charge out rates. Set a minimum and avoid going below it.

    You may have to provide more details if you would like a better answer

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    Further to Looking for advice re Bookkeeping

    Hi Burg

    I appreciate you response, thank you, I will look at discussing further details/points once I have set out my plan, at this point in time, I am unable to advertise alongside AAT as I haven't completed the qualification, (Intermediate passed this year), so what I was thinking of doing was starting to get my name out into the business domain and take it from there but I am a prudent person so will be looking to follow all the necessary legislation and business laws/rules.

    I will be back with further details shortly..........

    Thank you
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    Hello Philip,

    Here are just a couple of links to where this much discussed subject has been seen quite recently and there are many more in the Members section (if you sift past the seemingly hundreds very unoriginally labelled "Advice please"):



    While you've told us you've passed stage 3 of your AAT, how great is your practical experience of real life accounting?
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