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I have a limited co client who has changed its year end from 30/04/2009 to 31/10/2009 so we are doing an 18 month period. We took a back up for the year end 30/04/09 and did the year end procedure on sage so it is showing a year end of 30/04/2010.

I know how to do the change of date but do i do a year end procedure? I have been playing around on the sage back up we have and have changed the year end but when i do a b/fwd TB it includes all the P&L codes (and their totals) for the past 6 months (1/5 - 31/10) but i don't want these as b/fwd balances!

Hope it makes sense and someone can help!!


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    To do an 18 month financial year.

    Restore before you did the 30/04/2009 Year End.

    Depending which version+level of Sage you're using, you may or may not have the option to change your financial year start date. If you could give more information I can give you a better answer (Go to Help>About, what version, and is it Instant Accounts? Accounts Plus? Client Manager/etc??)

    Overall process is:

    1) Backup
    2) Change financial year to END on the correct date (ie. set to start Nov 08)
    3) Run TB for Brought Forward
    4) Journal P+L figures to clear to retained earnings (usually N/C 3200) on 30/04/2009
    5) Reverse these journals back onto their P+L nominals on 01/05/09
    6) Run the YE for 31/10/2009 (including any reports etc)

    Not ideal, but it's the only real way of 'simulating' a year end of more than 12 months in Sage.

    If you let me know the version + level you're using I can give you some better instructions...done this a few times.
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    hi thanks for your reply. i've continued to mess around on sage and found a solution (fingers crossed).

    i changed the year end to the 31/10/09, then ran the y/e procedure to get me into the right year to 31/10/10. my october tb balances match my o/bal so i think its worked. have to do it on my clients sage on monday so hopefully it will work then.
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    which is the same as you said!
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