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Hi people,

Can anyone help me with my PCR revision. I really don't know where to start. I have done a couple of exam papers and I seem to be doing ok. I feel like it is one of those exams that you can't really revise for because you either know it or you don't. This does not help my confidence! As unless I do some revision for this I will adopt the attitude that I will fail - and that is not good!!
My biggest problem is that I don't know WHAT to revise for this unit. Does anyone have a sort of checklist of things to revise? So that I can revise each thing and tick it off once I know it.
My tutor for PTC supplied us with one and it has really helped me. But my PCR tutor has said she doesn't do them!

Thanks in advance!!


  • Terdoo
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    Re Pcr

    To list but a few, the whole of total management, Bench marking target costing, standard costing
  • zbgroove
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    RE: PCR Help

    In my revision notes there's the following list:
    - Operating Budgets
    - Redrafted operating budgets
    - Subcontracting/agency staff
    - Flexed budget statement
    - Report on flexed budget
    - Forecasting Sales
    - Departmental Budgetw
    - Rolling Budgets
    - Computer generated models
    - Investigating variances and significance
    - Motivating Managers
    - Capital Budgets

    And our chapter titles are:
    - Time series analysis
    - Budgetary Planning
    - Budgetary Control

    I don't know whether this helps? I'll just be working through these along with past papers! Good luck!
  • HayleyM
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    Thanks for all of that! It is a massive help. My exam nerves are really settling in now and I don't think I have ever been this nervous before any exams before!! I have even managed to make myself ill through worrying about it!! I just don't seem to be gettin anywhere with any revision, i feel like I just have to turn up on the day and hope for the best!!

    Good Luck with yours!
  • oh confused one
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    I know exactly where you are coming from - I just seem to be getting nowhere fast. There is no way it was this bad before the intermediate ones in the summer.

    Personally I feel grossly under-prepared but feel that is as much down to the tutor we have - I appreciate we are supposed to do quite a lot of work ourselves - this I have tried to do but find it difficult to go through the Kaplan text book when I am so unsure exactly what parts we really need to know.

    Tomorrow I thought I would try a full paper from start to finish and take it from there - we have a class tomorrow evening.

    PTC - I am not "AS" bothered about as I think I know enough to get me through, more than anything I think it is the fear of the unknown with PCR - with tax you at least have a rough idea about what to revise for.

    May I wish every success for Thursday - I hope we both conquer our fears and do a good job
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