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Firstly i'd just like to take a moment to remember the time when i once had a life and didn't have to revise on a Friday night..

Has anyone else done the mock exam for PCR with the Warps and the Wefts? On task 1.2 part B in the answers the revised production budget has

(100 x 2000/4000)= 50 x 8 = 200
(100 x 2000/4000)= 50 x 4 = 100

50 x 8 clearly comes to 400, am i missing something glaringly obvious here?



  • donnaalwill
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    Right there with you on the no life... here revising also... not good. I keep reminding myself there is only two weeks to go then its over!! Then I remind myself I have 4 units to learn by June and I'm not so thrilled!

    I have been planning to do the PCR mock tomorrow but decided to have a quick look to see and from just looking at the answers I have no idea why it says 200 as it definitely works out to 400? So all in all a useless post as I all I can guess is its a typo maybe?
  • Ampsie
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    This isn't any help as an answer, but just wanted to let you know you're not the only ones without a life on a Friday night. My daughter has gone off to see a band, my other half is at the pub and what am i doing................
    yup - you guessed it, bl**dy past papers!!!!!

    AAT students unite - we know how to live! lol

    Good luck to you both

    missing the emoticons still!
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