Bristol Revision Day

DaveIOW Registered Posts: 85 Regular contributor ⭐
Went on a revision day in Bristol today, feeling much better about DFS. Came home & did an exam straight through in 2.5 hrs & although not perfect, is miles better than I was achieving a few days ago.

Great tutor, Jenny Glover, even with a large group she covered pretty much everything needed & made sure those that were struggling got the help they needed.

I recommend it to anyone who needs it next time around! - hopefully not me!


  • Barry
    Barry Registered Posts: 101 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    I went on a day with steve callings from here and his course was absolutely ace. That guy knows his stuff and helped me get thru dfs.

    I think tutors like steve and this jenny need a round of a plause
  • Sparkly
    Sparkly Registered Posts: 139 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    I too went on the revision course that Jenny ran and came away feeling a lot more positive about the subject. It was well worth the journey. I'm not saying I'm confident yet but I feel more comfortable with how to approach everything.
    Off to Germany for two days with work so will be taking all the ratio formulas with me to try and get them in my head and then straight in to attacking the past papers when I get back!
  • princess
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    Jenny was my tutor for DFS and intermediate levels. She is very very good! I just wished she did PEV too!! Handouts are great and i passed DFS first time with her! Good luck to you all! x
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