hi all,

ive been given total budgeted overheads for 6 months £131000 consisting of:

allocated o/heads:
£4400 department CP10
£13000 department CP20
£2200 department CP30
£22000 department CS40
£32400 department CS50

TOTAL £74000

then the remaining budgeted o/heads consists of heat/light £18000 which i have apportioned to floor space, £24000 deprec. machinery apportioned to NBV of machinery and £15000 other o/heads apportioned to employees.

TOTAL £131000 budgeted o/heads

I now have to re-apportion for administration and have been given a percentage to reapportion by but dont know what figure to calculate the % from, it just says admin work (% of total) but i dont know what total to use. Im probably missing the obvious but any help would be great.




  • AliF
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    If I have read your post right, you need to re-apportion the total of the Admin overheads to the other departments, so if dept A takes 20%, dept B takes 30% it would be;

    Dept A admin overheads = admin overheads total * 20%
    Dept B admin overheads = admin overheads total *30%

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