PEV gearing ratio and interest cover

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Hi. Could anyone please explain to me how you work out the gearing ratio and the interest cover? I've been looking at the June 08 past paper, but I can't work out how you get the answers for these two ratios.

Also, once you've worked them out, what do they answers indicate towards?

any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    There were a couple of good posts about this the other day on these threads linked below, hope that helps, it definitely helped me:) I don't know if its something you cover in DFS first but as I started with PCR/PEV I didn't have a clue about them and they were in my txtbook, luckily there are people around who know these things!
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    thank you!!

    I'm slowly getting there.
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    June 2008

    For the June 2008 paper, this is how the two ratios work


    For Scenario 1
    Long term liabilities divided by Long term liabilities+net assets x100 = 12000/(12000+8400) x100 = 58.8 %
    Long Term Borrowing divided by Net assets = 12000/8400 = 1.43

    For Scenario 2
    11300/(11300+8400)x100= 57.36%

    11300/8400 = 1.34

    Interest Cover:-

    For Scenario 1
    Operating profit divided by Interest payable = 2750/600 = 4.58

    For Scenario 2
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    Gearing Ratio

    There are two way to calculate gearing ratio, the standard formula for Gearing is :

    Gearing = Loans/loans + equity capital

    Second formula:-

    Long term borrowing/net assets


    If the gearing figure is more than 60%, it is generally reported high; 100% is very high.

    Less than 20% could be taken as low. but in all cases it depends upon the prevailing circumstances at the time and what point of comparison is.

    Intrest Cover

    Operating profit/interst payable

    It showes that how many time operating profit before the tax can cover the interst payable

    Best regards

    Khurram Taj
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