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Hi everyone,

Hope u r all less stressed than I am at this moment thinking about exams next week - aargh!

Can anybody make sense of the following? It's driving me mad thinking about it!!

Per the June 2007 exam paper section one task 1.1 (g) the budgeted operating statement does not account for opening or closing stock in the cost of sales, but if you look at the June 2005 paper 1.1 (i) it does - am a little confused because I would have thought it had to be accounted for to get an accurate cost of sales figure. I think I might have missed something here, so if there's anyone out there who gets it i'd really appreciate your help (b4 I loose the plot completely!!)

Ta, Val


  • Jimmyboy1888
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    Mystery to me too I'm afraid. The chief assessor even quotes "many did not appear to know how to prepare a
    correct operating statement with a number not including turnover or stocks."

    I would say, safest to include stock.

    Hopefully someone will come up with the answer later.
    Wish I could help.
  • val0123
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    Thanks for having a look - think you are right, will include it to be on the safe side - hopefully it won't come up (watch this space)!!!
  • Hodan
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    I wish that i could help you with this. I was taking PCR Classes and revision with kaplan and i have been told the exam will be more like dec 08 paper. Is a different examiner from previous year and i have been advised to revise more last two papers especially dec 08.
    Good luck for tomorrow...
  • val0123
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    Thanks - you too!!
  • Jointy
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    Hi I got told not to do the December 08 paper because thats the reason the old chief examiner got sacked, as he made it rediculously hard. New chief examiner was from the june 09 paper so I heard it should be a similar approach to that paper.
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    i think already work out in purchase

  • aimeexox
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    I thought this new examiner wrote all the papers from Dec 07 onwards? And thats why there more difficult than the previous ones.. which i could do!!!
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    I don't mind June 09, I preferred the non manufacturing scenario and the layouts as it was a bit more specific. December 08 is not my favourite paper, so fiddly! Anything is possible tomorrow I think considering the last few sittings!
  • lizrochford
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    The old examiner was changed after June 2008 when they made task 1.2 rediculously hard. The new examiner has done Dec 2008 and June 09. I have been led to believe it is going to be like December 2008 in the fact it will be manufacturing. Good luck everyone!
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    It says in my revision pack produced by Kaplan, Alan Cull took over this year and his first exam sitting paper was June 2009. My tutor also said the last guy was sacked as the Dec 08 exam paper was really hard so much so she told us not to practice the paper for revision as it wouldnt be like it.
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    I really didn't know that.. I don't know whether its a good thing or a bad thing now though..
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