Quickbooks Question

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My QBs support expired last month and as I've not used it for ages I thought I could get away with not renewing. Hope someone can help me out here so I don't have to sign up again!

My client uses quickbooks 2006. They received a refund from a supplier of approx $4800 into their UK bank account, which equated to say £3000.
I have entered this as a deposit, selecting the relevant bank account, then in the 'received from' field I've entered the relevant supplier, in the 'from account' field I've entered 'US$ Accounts payable' and in the amount I tried entering 4800 and then putting the exchange rate of 0.625, but it comes up with an error message of 'Home Currency must be 1'. So I changed the amount to 3000 to reconcile my bank account, but now when I've come to allocate the refund against the relevant credit notes there's only $3000, not the $4800 I need to clear the supplier account.
Does anyone know where I'm going wrong?

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