Step down cost allocation

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Does anybody have a good explanation to understand this?? Or can anyone recommend a good text book for it? I've found Kaplan to be fine with everything except this - it just doesn't make sense! My tutor has been no help either.
Thanks in advance.


  • vvpbl
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    BPP is very good
  • CJC
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    Here's a brief explanation from my revision notes.
  • Bookworm55
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    Have a look for Colin Drury's Cost and Management Accounting.

    Try to borrow before you buy, as you will either love it and use it for the rest of your accounting life or hate it and won't be able to get on with it. There is no middle ground.

    (I've had mine all through the AAT, my BSc in Accounting and I'm still using it for CIMA Managerial level)
  • bonzo-c-
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    Cheers for that! Will definitely look at both those options - and thanks for those revision notes - they're a big help! Still can't wait to get past this section though...
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