FRA Unit Skills Test

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Completely messed up on the Skills test, could not get it to balance up on the trial balance part, should have had a suspense figure of £27,000.00 but managed to find an extra £700.00. took ages to try and find it but could not, after that everything went pear shaped so much so that I ran out of time.

I hope they force me to retake it


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    FRA Skillstest

    I know how you feel, I made a mistake doing the depreciation but did not spot it until I got to the ETB and it was too late then to do anything about it. the skillstest just seemed to go on and on. I hope I have done enough as I do not fancy doing that one again but if the worst happens then I will have to.

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    I took this yesterday and passed (hurrah). I was suprised because I thought I had under prepared. I took ages too as my ITB would not balance to 29,500 suspense, and it took me an hour and half to locate three separate errors(doh).
    Overall though I didn't find it as demanding as some previous one that I'd practised on.
    Also they will only penalise once for an incorrect figure so you can pass even if you didn't balance providing you carry on.
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    Can you give me any pointers on this i have the skills test on Tueday next week and am more worried about this than i was about taking the exam !
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    Have you got or had a look at past papers / mocks?

    This will give you an idea of what to expect as they seem to follow a similar pattern, e.g updating the fixed asset register & calculating depreciation, extended trial balance & adjustments (accruals & prepayments), partnership appropriation/current accounts, prepare a P&L and balance sheet.
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