FRA December 2009

Hi to all,

I am a bid nervous but i have learned so much, still got problem with answering the written questions. Does smeone know if we are allowed to take Ditionary in to the Exam room?

thank you in advance katrin


  • kellyriddell
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    I am not sure about this, your best option is to contact whom you train with and ask them, there only concern is that you may have accountancy notes somewhere within the dictionary. Give them a ring! Good luck!
  • Bookworm55
    Bookworm55 Registered Posts: 479
    I never knew you could take a dictionary in....

    (except perhaps a simple Something-English translation dictionary)
  • KVeevers
    KVeevers Registered Posts: 67 ? ? ?
    Enlish is not my first language and im worried, that in the exam i write something and just dont know the english word in that moment lol
  • Rinske
    Rinske Registered Posts: 2,453
    Unfortunately on most exams it says on the first page that dictionaries are not allowed. So my guess would be that goes for simple English to whatever language or the other way around as well.

    I'm sorry, but if you did lots of the practice exams, this is usually a good way to test if your English skill is enough as well, if you didn't find any words you didn't know in those, you can assume that it's good enough for the exam as well.

    As for the words you want to use to describe stuff in a report and such, I usually end up writing around it if I can't find the word and just use a slightly different sentence for it.
  • KVeevers
    KVeevers Registered Posts: 67 ? ? ?
    Hi Rinske,

    yes I do exactly the same. I might just need then more Paper lol . I just think im really nervous thats all .

    Good luck to everybody

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