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I'm sitting MAC on Monday morning, and as I'm working through the past exams papers, I seem to be in the habit now of scribbling on and around the data and questions on the exam paper, underlining words and making notes. I do this to help me understand the questions and to make sure I don't mis-read them.

Does anyone know if it's ok to do this in the actual exam? I read that you're not supposed to scribbling in the margins on the answer sheet, but it doesn't say anything about the questions and data.


  • A-Vic
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    In exams i highlight like mad and tick off as i go to help me remember if ive included everything on the question paper but they are marking the answer book not the question paper so i wouldnt think it would matter
  • Ampsie
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    I'm sitting mac on monday too. I also scribble notes and highlight bits on the question that i think i may forget!
    On Sandy's revision day he said don't worry as it's only the answer booklet that goes to be marked so we can scribble whatever we want on the question paper!!

    How's the revision going? I'm reciting variances in my sleep, but whenever i do an exam paper i still seem to do something stupid.
    Just hope i remember it all on Monday!

  • one-eyed-womble
    one-eyed-womble Registered Posts: 31 Regular contributor ⭐
    Thanks so much for that info. It's a little bit more peace of mind, and I could do with as much as I can get! LOL.

    Revision going ok, although I'm having minor panic about seeing discounted cash flow come up on past exam paper which is covered on ECR and I'm thinking that over I need to add the task of having a quick revision of the whole ECR syllabus for my weekend revision. My list is long enough already! Anyone else thinking the same?

    Other than, still making some stupid mistakes on exam papers, but they are getting less and less!! Fingers crossed.
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