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Hello all

Could anyone perhaps assist with a question.

An unincorporated business, either partner or sole trader, has private use of a vehicle and this vehicle is classed as low emissions etc,.

In Capital Allowances, is this processed in the Non qualifying for AIA/FYA, same as a PVT vehicle as normal with the business WDA portion only being allowable or,

is this processed lower down in the FYA section with only the business portion being allowable.

I am not sure whether this is entitled to WDA or FYA as it is a Low Emission PVT use vehicle.

Many thanks in advance



  • GemmaLouise
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    Good question!!!!

    In the kaplan text book it says:

    'The AIA, WDA or FYA on the asset is based on its full cost. However the allowance actually claimed will be reduced for private use only. Only the proportion to relating to business can be claimed'

    So you take the business elemet of the FYA
  • Traut
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    Thanks Gemma

    Thanks, that's what I thought but with the PVt element in there I was suddenly not so sure anymore.

    Thanks for the clarification

    I am ready now. Lets write the exam now!!LOL

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