limiting factor 2008 dec exam

hi, i am really struggle to understand the limiting factor in 2008 dec exam, how to work out the pilot hours allocated to each router, please someone help me. thanks


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    I've just gone through the Dec 08 paper this afternoon. I'll try and explain as best I can how I worked out the pilot hours.

    You have 124 pilot hours available(given in data). Assuming you have already worked out the Contribution per mile and contribution per pilot hour you will find that
    route c has the highest contribution per pilot hour (£152.5) (Rank 1)
    route a has the second highest contribution per pilot hour (£124) (Rank 2)
    route b has the third highest contribution per pilot hour (£100) (Rank 3)

    In the data it says there are only 124 hours of pilot's time available.

    Route C (being rank one) requires 48 hours(from data given in table)
    Route A requires 50 hours
    this leaves 26 hours which are allocated to route B giving a total of 124 hours.

    Hope this makes sense.

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