Exam tomorrow

Terdoo Registered Posts: 144 ? ? ?
I am doing pev and pcr next week, am starting to have rumbling tommy, does anyone know what i can take to calm me down. i kept thinking my memories would go off the wall in the exam, I am not confident at all, is any one going through a rough patch like me?


  • Sally
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    ABSOLUTELY!!!! I am doing DFS and PTC this week. I was kinda excited for the June exams because i felt i was prepared but this time round i feel like i am continually finding more complications to subjects i thought i understood!!
  • Lou1234
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    I'm also taking PEV and PCR and feeling nervous. My tummy is fluttering already today! I've taken Kalms before when I've been really nervous about something and they seemed to work (although that could have been in my head but I don't care!) so I'll be taking them in the morning I think!
  • Rinske
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    Chocolate, lots of chocolate and then give the pet some extra hugs, especially purring cats are great for that. Have a relaxing bath/ shower, drink lots of calming herbing tea and before you know it you'll be sleeping through the exam!

    Oh wait, that wasn't the intention was it?
  • Sally
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    An aromatherapist who comes into work had prepared me a mix of frankincense and lavendar which apparently was what i needed for exams ....... but now i'm stressing out because i cant find it!!!!! Think i'll follow the Kalms route..
  • Terdoo
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    re exam tomorrow

    I have tried every thing but its not working , iam currently drinking calm tea
  • exam panic
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    few beers and football

    exam 2morrow but till want to watch football today and have a few beers hope will come me down
  • Spurs
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    If Spurs can get to 3rd then I may have a chance in PEV!!!!!!!!!!
  • Esme
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    I've got PEV and PCR also.. am not feeling too nervous as can always re take in June!

    I have finally memorised the variances and majority of the ratios.

    I'll be having a couple of glasses of wine b4 bed tonight!
  • JillMarie
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    Have totally lost the plot so am putting the books away and hoping for the best!!
    Wine sounds good thou!
  • Ampsie
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    Yup - I'm definately with you on the wine front!

    Cooking a roast dinner, then going over things one more time and there is a bottle waiting for me before bed.

    Then up early tomorrow to trek to Bedford for Mac.

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