June 2007 Question 1.4

JayneHogan Registered Posts: 697 Epic contributor 🐘
Hi Everyone,

I am having trouble with this task so could somebody please help me here. Why is the profvit for the period from continuing operations attributable to equity holders of the parent £4,173 and not £5,042 (£3,886 + £1,156)?

I am tired hungry and miserable and I still have to do cash flows yet.

Please help!


  • Sally
    Sally Registered Posts: 69 Regular contributor ⭐
    Struggled with this myself last night - i had £5042 too on ONE of my attempts!!

    The minority interest is 25% of Blonk's (the subsidiary) profit for year(£1156) =£289

    Take the £4462 profit for year on the consolidated Income statement and deduct (£289)

    I know how you feel - I'm still struggling to get my head around this.... associates ..... and unrealised profits!!!
  • JayneHogan
    JayneHogan Registered Posts: 697 Epic contributor 🐘
    Hi Sally,

    Where did you get £4,462 from? I am just struggling with this and I know I am not showing initiative but I have gone back to the textbook and still cannot figure it out.

    At least the rain has kept me indoors otherwise I would have given up long ago!!!
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