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I have always had a policy of not having access to client bank accounts. I prefer clients to do their own banking - write cheques, complete paying in book slips, make online payments, download statements etc. My main reason being that if I don't have access to their money, I can't be accused of abusing the privelege and I will hopefully be well clear of the line of fire if they think something is amiss with their bank balance.
I've recently had a few enquiries from prospective new clients who say that their previous bookkeeper was happy to carry out these tasks.
What do other bookkeepers do?


  • Bluewednesday
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    We often have the same thing but do the same as you, we won't touch anyone's online bank.

    I have filled in cheques for client's but always take a copy of what we've sent to protect ourselves.
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    When I have always done book keeping for clients I make sure they are there when I am accessing the bank account and also I dont take the logging details. Hope this helps.
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    I've always been happy to do banking duties for clients. They usually keep their login details secret for a while and then get bored/frustrated with logging in themselves and tell me what they are. Most banks now have the fobs/password generators so I only have access to the accounts while I'm at the client's premises (ie if suspicious looking payments went out of the account on a day I wasn't in then it couldn't have been me). I've never ever had a problem with this. Obviously I never pay any suppliers/wages without asking the client first.
    The only time that I did get in the firing line was when a client accused me of not posting his cheques received from customers (and consequently the cheques sent to suppliers started bouncing), but then a few weeks later he found the cheques in question in his van!
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    It's not something I offer as a service but I know a lot of clients that would want me to do it. I do not see a problem with offering the service, per se, it is just that if something goes wrong I would be the first person under suspicion, particularly if other staff members may also have access to the logins/passwords.

    Tricky one to get the right systems in place.
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