My Head can not take in anymore

exam panic
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Now I feel confused exam tomorrow last 2days I tried to put in my head as much as I could but now It can not take anymore and I have to take 2 days off work unpaid for my exam , not Like level 3 I worked until 1.30 and go to exam I feel very confidence but This time round I'm not at all . I hope we got easy question .hhhhhh.
good luck all of you .


  • donnaalwill
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    I think there is a point where you have to kind of accept your brain needs a rest, I'm just trying to go over the parts I know are my key weaknesses but I'm not going to go crazy revising tonight. I'm not sure anything else is going to fit in my brain and anything to avoiding stressing is a good thing. I have to stay confident about what I do know now lol
    Good luck and relax a little, only a little while to go and then its over for now. Best thing now is a good nights sleep ready for the morning!
  • AATmunkee
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    I know exactly what u mean. I took the week off to revise and go through past papers and i thought i'd refresh my memory and now feel like i've forgotten the lot!!!! sleep i think!!! :)
  • princess
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    I also feel the same!! I am completely brain dead now! I have been trying to go over stuff today but i just end up crying and stressing (doesnt help that my selfish other half went out last night and kept me up until half 5 - we're not talking)!

    This is my resit as i failed in June so feel i have so much to prove but definately dont feel confident one bit!! In fact i feel like i have forgotten everything!!!

    I wish everyone luck xx
  • AATmunkee
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    Ahhhhh try not to stress too much. Its my re-sit from June too.. the first exam i've failed in 3 years so im with u on the pressure!! i just cant wait till 1 o clock tomorrow.. the weight that will be lifted is HUGE!!!!!!! :)
  • iss072
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    Good luck everyone sitting pev tomorrow and thanks for the help over the last week....

    I've given up now - no more revising until the resit!!!!
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