Staff hrs in the overhead allocation

I am a bit stuck on the calculation if you have to work out according to staff hours. I know you obtain the % by getting the depatment hrs and divide it by the total of hrs. Just that for the questions I have done I struggle with this. As follows: (dec 2004 task 1.4)

total for dept 8910 with hrs per centre moulding 26 hrs, glazing 8 hrs & maintenance 4 hrs. Could someone please outline the calculation if it aint a trouble?



  • OlympicRudi
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    I've just looked at your question & infact you are asking a question they don't ask you. The indirect labour costs of £8,910 are what is called allocated, meaning it gives you the costs for each in the question.

    What you seem to have mistaken for labour hours is actually just the number of employees. 2 lines above the number of employees it gives you indirect labour costs.
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