Can you help me, please?

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I often try to prepare answers for 4 of the exams in each diet of papers.
My papers are:
AAT Technician Unit 8 PEV and Unit 9 PCR
AAT Diploma Unit 33 MAC
AAT Intermediate Unit 6 ECR

I have been promised a copy of the PEV question paper which I should receive around midday on Tuesday 1st December.

I don't have access to any of the others.
Can anyone help?

At Chichester College the question papers are collected before candidates leave the exam and held securely for 24 hours (to overcome any world timing differences that could give a candidate taking the exam later in the day).

Do any forumites has suitable contacts to be able to send me a copy of the paper?
My address is
Sandy Hood
Room C216
Chichester College
Westgate Fields
West Sussex
PO19 1SB

If you are able to help, A BIG THANK YOU and if you send me an email, I'll say that the paper you can get is ok and let other forumites that that one is no longer needed.

[email protected]


  • SandyHood
    SandyHood Registered, Moderator Posts: 2,034
    I've had an offer from Philip, so hopefully that will arrive tomorrow or Thursday and I will work on it when I have some time
    [email protected]
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