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ok so i started with HomeLearning College and i am with them for level 2 and 3 ...

i have passed unit 31, doing unit 30 today (that will clear the Level 2 foundation)

i did yesterday unit 6 (ECR) exam and tomorrow unit 5 (FRA)

threfore for level 3 i have left unit 32 and unit 15 which are both skills tests...which i plan to sit in March 2010 that means that i would hopefully if i pass everything have my intermidiate qualification by March 2010

I want to carry on and do Level 4 but NOT with HLC...i might just buy books on my own and just enter myself for the exmas...so i am planning to do the exams for level 4 in june 2010 (hopefully i dont have to do any resits)....and also the skills tests but probably that is too much ....

anyways which are the best books to use for level 4 technician?



  • ckane4
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    I prefer the Osborne Books - really easy to read/follow and plenty of questions to test yourself after each chapter!!
  • Marga
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    i have seen people here selling them too ....definetely will do it on my own, it seems here there are plenty of students to help if you get stuck....probably they know better than the tutors on HLC!!!
  • blobbyh
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    I always used Osborne but did manage to also get hold of some BPP ones for Technician and although the layout isn't as pretty, I thought they were in smaller, more manageable chunks than the Osbornes with the tuition just as good (and even better in some places).
  • Marga
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    i have decided osborne so gotta get them ...i checekd and all the books together are about £142 is that correct?

    i am talking unit 33 , 10, 11 and then 18 and 17

    are there any past papers here in the AAT website for Techichian like for foundation and Advance? havent seen them
  • Claire321
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    I had been using BPP books for Foundation, Intermediate and most of Technician but for my final two exams (BTC & PTC) I decided to try Kaplan books as I was generally fed up with BPP.

    I did find the layout easier to follow and generally easier to learn from. There were a few mistakes though but then there were also loads in the BPP books!

    A good place to order whichever books you decide to go for is Premier Training (they offer a reduced price on the RRP)

  • jilt
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    Hi Marga, yes all past papers are on the AAT website.

    Check out Amazon before you buy any books but just make sure they are the correct ones for your exam sitting, particularly the two tax modules.
  • CJC
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    I found BPP and Osborne generally good. Osbourne tend to be a bit more in-depth than BPP though sometimes a little too in-depth. I found neither were particular good for PEV (especially standard costing) which didn't help with an already tricky subject.

    Definitely worth sourcing books second-hand, especially with Osborne you'll save a packet. I really should get rid of mine, god knows why I've still got them!
  • Marga
    Marga Registered Posts: 981 Epic contributor 🐘

    thanks to all :)

    i am thinking about getting new ones cause a friend of mine is doing foundatiion at the moment and she will be using my books when she goes into technician so if i get second hand ones...by the time she gets them there might be too worn out?

    is premier training like an online shop? they have plenty of books there...
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