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Hi Everypne,

I have just started the technician level and was wondering how much money ppl are on at this level. If ppl dont want to share there wage amount then no worries.




  • Flying Scarlet
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    Hi Emilie

    Dont know whether you will get many people replying but use the link below to see what people near you being paid on average

  • David0097
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    Salaries for AAT trainees are generall very poor. Getting paid near minimum wage when I started!

    I'm a few exams off finishing AAT and only on £13500. I have been told from my managers that after completion, I will get £16000pa so thats in 6 months time.

    Its all about progression and just passing exams!
  • Frankie1976
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    To David0097

    I wouldn't like to to be you on that salary, that does seems way too low. I don't know your age but I was earning that 5 years ago well before I started studying.

    To Emilie

    I'm with Flying Scarlet on this, there is also a salary calculator on www.reed.co.uk to look at aswell.
  • Emilie
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    Thank you will have a look at the webistes.
  • Phillippa
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    It's ok David, I am on about that, and will have done two of the Technician exams by Christmas. Not sure what my salary will be by the time I've completed.

    But, I could always move for more money, but I there are other good things about where I work!!
  • Flying Scarlet
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    David, I was on lower than that until I moved jobs....
  • donnaalwill
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    My salary is irrelevant really as I am not working in any kind of accounts capacity. I have basically the next 8 months to move into that role or ACCA will be pointless, plus everything I have learned up to this point. Stupid thing is I am funded by work but it doesn't do me any good by not working in the right department.
    This next year is make or break for me, I'm serious about my studying but have worked in my company for nearly 7 years.
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